Bresha Meadows to serve 6-months in Cleveland treatment facility following plea deal in shooting death of her father

Andrea Simakis @ The Plain Dealer; excerpt below:

At a tense and emotional hearing in Trumbull County Juvenile Court Monday, prosecutor Stanley Elkins amended the charges to involuntary manslaughter, a third-degree felony. Bresha, her hair in braids and gathered into a puffy topknot, answered “true” to those charges, the language used by those adjudicated in juvenile court.

She will stay in the juvenile detention facility in Warren, where Judge Pamela A. Rintala says she has been a model prisoner, until July 29, a date that marks a year and a day of incarceration for the crime, then be transferred to Bellefaire for a six-month term of inpatient treatment. After that, if her doctors and the court agree, she’ll be released to her family on probation.

Judge Rintala said that without a full airing of the evidence, she couldn’t know what motivated the girl to pull the trigger, adding, “I am very sorry for you if the adults in your life failed you – that’s a horrible situation for any child.”

For many, the case has exposed holes in a government safety net designed to protect kids like Bresha and her mother, Brandi Meadows, and has divided a family. This was no starker than after Bresha’s sentencing.

Read full article.


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