Family rallies in support of 15-year-old accused of killing her father

Bresha Meadows, who is facing a murder charge, is being tried as a minor in juvenile court. If she is convicted, she could be held in a juvenile facility until she is 21.

Police say she took a gun and shot her father in the head while he was sleeping. Bresha is awaiting trial on charges of aggravated murder, but her mother says she’s not a criminal — she’s a hero.

Bresha’s father, Jonathan Meadows, was allegedly abusive toward the family. He reportedly threatened the family with a gun and was physically abusive to Bresha’s mother, according to Teen Vogue.

 Now, a #FreeBresha campaign has surfaced on social media, calling for prosecutors to drop the charges against Bresha.

Story includes video with interviews from Bresha’s family and her attorney.

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