Bresha Meadows, an Ohio Teenager Accused of Killing Father, Seeks Release Before Trial

Jonah Engel Bromwich @ the New York Times; excerpt below:

Bresha’s case has garnered tremendous sympathy from supporters who say that the way she is being treated by the state is all too typical for black survivors of violence. [Bresha’s attorney] Mr. Friedman said that her older brother and sister, both of whom were at home on the night of the shooting, would be testifying in support of their sister, who he said was acting in self defense. …

…Bresha twice ran away from home to her aunt’s house, first in January 2015 and then in May 2016, just weeks before the shooting. Each time, after hearing her niece’s account, her aunt took her to child protective services in Warren, where agents said that there was nothing they could do if her mother did not report her father for abuse.

Read full article.

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