15-Year-Old Bresha Meadows is a Black Girl Who Needs Your Help

For Harriet interviews Mariame Kaba; excerpt below:

In the case of Bresha in particular, when you are a victim of domestic violence, and you end up in these kinds of circumstances, it’s incredibly retriggering and re-traumatizing. In the case of girls, particularly, who find themselves in the system, overwhelmingly they come from families where family violence existed. 84% of the time. They come from situations where they were, themselves, sexually violated and abused. When you go into jail, whatever sexual abuse experience you had is heightened in jail, where you have to strip search and you have to change in front of a lot of other people. In some cases, you’re actually attacked by staff members.

A lot of the research that has been done over the years suggests that guards are the people who actually sexually traumatize girls and young women when they’re locked up. So, that’s not a good place to be, and we really need to abolish pre-trial detention and abolish youth incarceration altogether.

Read the whole interview.


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