After Brief Time in Treatment Facility, Bresha Meadows Is Returned to Await Trial in Juvenile Detention Center

Victoria Law @ Rewire; excerpt below:

At the treatment center, Bresha was allowed to wear her own clothes rather than a jail uniform. She was allowed to go outside, though the center’s policy dictated that all children be accompanied by a staff member when they did so. She was allowed to make phone calls twice a day, not only to her mother, but also to her siblings, from whom she had also been separated since her arrest. She attended group counseling sessions which, Latessa noted, the girl liked. “She really wanted to stay,” she said.

The family, too, had hoped that Bresha would be able to remain in the more therapeutic environment during her pre-trial detention. “We were hoping they’d keep her until the trial starts,” said Latessa, who described the difference in the institutional conditions to Rewire.

On March 15, however, Bresha’s evaluation was completed. The sheriff’s department picked her up and brought her back to the juvenile detention center. She is now only allowed to call her mother, and visits are once again restricted to her mother, her grandparents, and her attorney. She is in a room without a window and can no longer see the night sky. When she is allowed outside during the day, she is confined to a caged-in recreation area.

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