National Action to #FreeBresha

As the National Day of Action to #FreeBresha approaches on Thursday, people across the country are already showing up for Bresha in various ways.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, over 150 people in Chicago gathered to uplift Bresha and to demand that she be released. You can see the wonderful photos here.

photo by Sarah Jane Rhee (Chicago, 1/16/17)
photo by Sarah Jane Rhee (Chicago, 1/16/17)

Also on MLK Jr. Day, one man took his protest directly to where Bresha is in jail. He explained his action this way:

Monday, O’Brien stood at the corner of South Street and Main Avenue, just outside of the detention center, holding a sign that read, “Free Bresha.”

O’Brien said his sons inspired him to take action after they made the sign and stood in Warren during the holidays. Now, he said he just wants to raise awareness.

“She has been living a life of torture and abuse, and now she’s in jail, living it all over again,” he said. “She’s suffering, you know, twice for something that she should be at least released of her own recognizance until the trial.”

O’Brien said he hopes people will sign an online petition to put more pressure on the prosecutor.

On January 17, join people in Philly for a teach-in about Bresha’s case.

Here are some actions happening on Thursday January 19:

UIC Free Bresha Teach-in (Chicago)
Uptown Free Bresha Teach-in (Chicago)
Family Action to #FreeBresha – Lincoln Square (Chicago)
Free Black Women’s Library (Free Bresha event, NYC)

Let us know what you are planning to support Bresha this week!

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