Join us on January 19 for a National Day of Action to #FreeBresha

by Viko Alvarez (@ScholaRComics)
by Viko Alvarez (@ScholaRComics)

By her next hearing on January 20, Bresha Meadows will have spent 175 days in jail. The empirical evidence shows that pre-trial detention is dangerous and counterproductive. The #FreeBresha Campaign continues to call for Bresha’s immediate release and for the charges against her to be dropped so that she can heal with her family.

In order to continue to raise consciousness about the dynamics of domestic violence, the negative impacts of incarcerating young people, and the criminalization of survivors of violence, please join us for a National Day of Action to #FreeBresha on January 19, 2017. From Jan 19-27, we also invite you to join the #SurvivedAndPunished Week of Action to support the release of more survivors. Organizers will focus on survivors whose freedom campaigns are at a pivotal moment and need your support.

We encourage Day of Action participants to organize vigils, teach-ins, workshops, and any other actions to bring attention to the need to #FreeBresha immediately. Email us to let us know what you are planning. We’d love to include details on this site and we will also post them on social media so others can join you if your action is open to the public. You can email us at

For those who need them, here are 12 ideas of actions you could take on January 19:

  1. Make 175 copies of the #FreeBresha poster and organize a group to put them up around your community.
  2. Light 175 candles during a community vigil to #FreeBresha. Take photos and share on social media.
  3. Select a local tree in your community and invite people to hang 175 wishes for Bresha’s freedom. You can write wishes on paper, roll them up, and tie them to the tree with string. You can also paste wishes to old Christmas ornaments and hang those. Take photos and share them on social media.
  4. Find an open space where you can light 175 luminaria’s to #FreeBresha. Google luminarias if you don’t know what they are.
  5. Bresha loves to read. Contact your local juvenile detention center and/or youth prison and ask if you can organize a book drive for their library (if they have one). Invite community members to donate 175 books that Black girls & young women would like to read. For ideas about good books, check out the 1000 Black Girl Books Resource Guide.
  6. Create a Black Girl Magic mixtape using Spotify or another app. Include what you consider to be freedom songs and songs that would be uplifting. Share the mixtape on social media and tag #FreeBresha.
  7. Create art (visual, poetry, music) inspired by Bresha and share with your community and online. Make sure to tag #FreeBresha.
  8. Create a Black Girl Freedom Flag. Share images of your flags on social media and tag #FreeBresha.
  9. Raise and/or donate $175 to your local domestic/sexual violence organization. Make sure that they know that you are donating on behalf of Bresha and her family. If you don’t know where your local DV organization is located, call your state coalition for information. You can also donate to Survived and Punished.
  10. Organize a #FreeBresha teach in using our curriculum template.
  11. Invite an amazing Black girl who you know to lunch or dinner. Let her know that you want to celebrate her for her accomplishments and for being magic in the world. Talk with her about Bresha and her story.
  12. Buy 175 roses and hand them out to people in your community. Invite them to pay it forward by doing their own random act of kindness for someone else.

We are truly grateful to everyone who has supported Bresha in the past and continues to work for her release today. Join the Day of Action. Come up with your own actions. Be creative. Let’s continue to uplift Bresha and her family.

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