15-Year-Old Accused Of Killing Allegedly Abusive Father Won’t Face Life Sentence

Melissa Jeltsen @ The Huffington Post; excerpt below:

“I am relieved that prosecutors decided not to try Bresha as an adult. She is not an adult. She is still a child,” said Mariame Kaba, an organizer working with the #FreeBresha campaign, a group of individuals and organizations raising awareness about her case and the intersection of domestic violence, race and incarceration.

“I continue to be concerned that she remains incarcerated which is only further traumatizing her,” she continued. “The #FreeBresha campaign calls on prosecutors to drop the charges against her and to release her now. She doesn’t deserve more punishment.”

Erin Davis, executive director of Juvenile Justice Coalition, an organization advocating for youth involved in Ohio’s juvenile justice system, said she was glad to hear that Bresha’s case will remain in juvenile court.

“Unfortunately, the research shows that youth who are transferred to adult court often have worse outcomes and are more likely to reoffend than youth who are kept in juvenile court,” she said in an email.

Read full article.


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