Open Letter to Prosecutors #36

Prosecutor Dennis Watkins
Trumbull County Administration Building, 4th Floor
160 High Street, NW
Warren, Ohio, 44481

To Prosecutors Dennis Watkins and Stanley Elkins:

We are Peer Educators at the Center for Anti-Violence Education (CAE) in Brooklyn, NY. We are a group of young women and transpeople, ages 12 – 19, who believe that violence is never okay. We demand that the charges against Bresha Meadows, a victim of perpetual domestic violence, be dropped. Bresha was courageously acting in self-defense and her actions were rooted in the notion that she and her family deserve to live free from violence.

Bresha is a survivor of abuse and trauma. Arresting her, incarcerating her and charging her as an adult perpetuates victim blaming and the culture that young girls and women are punished for protecting themselves – she is a victim, not a criminal. We ask that you consider her point of view: If you grew up experiencing violence and seeing your family members abused by your father, what would you do?

Bresha is the victim of state-sanctioned racist and sexist double standards. When George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, he was acquitted on account of “self-defense.” The legal system that you contribute to allows a vicious man hunter like Zimmerman to be free while

Bresha, a young brave teenage girl, is behind bars. As long as Bresha is incarcerated, she will be re-traumatized and at risk for even further abuse. We, her extended community, will not be silent as the system that we are taught will protect us, continues to disregard morality and our unalienable rights as women and girls.

Please use your power for equity and justice to Free Bresha and help her begin her path towards healing from years of horrific abuse and trauma.


Peer Educators, CAE

One thought on “Open Letter to Prosecutors #36

  1. Hello, i feel this child is like the movie of the burning bed with Farriet Fostic. She killed her husband because he was abusive. It was not premeditated. The same here with Bresha. Can this same law help with this child? I am here as sexual abusive when i was child. I wish i could kill my father. When i was a child, too. I know it is different reason. I understand the pain she going threw. I hope i help with information


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