Open Letter to Prosecutors #34

Dear Prosecutors Dennis Watkins & Stanley Elkins,

The answer to the loss of one life cannot be found in ending another. Prosecuting Bresha will continue the injustice upon her by a system that decided it could not or did not have to protect her. I don’t know the exact path to take, but the way seems clear: set her free and give her and her family what they need to heal and move forward.

When the law allows, you must do what’s moral, and when the law doesn’t allow, you must do what’s moral. Laws are for order, and when laws are broken then litigation and judgment are for justice; not simply the following of the letter of the law. Be not blinded by the law and lose sight of the moral complexities Bresha Meadows faced because of the lack of sophistication of domestic abuse prevention laws and practices. She is not the only person responsible for her actions she was relegated to. The inaction of our system of law that allowed the continued duress and climate of terror in which she lived is also responsible. I only ask that you set this child free for defending herself and her mother in the only way she could after the law denied to do so. I may also ask that the law is further developed to address its consistent struggle to protect families against domestic abuse. If not you, then who? Was not this case put before you? This time and this opportunity is yours to make a path that has been needed for a long time. Protect our children.


Dr Lumas

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