Open Letter to Prosecutors #31

Dear Dennis Watkins and Stanley Elkins,

As the daughter of someone who survived physical and emotional abuse at home, I am appalled that Bresha Meadows is being threatened with punishment for simply trying to survive. After finally escaping the tight grip of her abuser at such a young age, you are now trying to deny her right to a normal life. Bresha Meadows sought help from family members and governmental programs, but time and time again, the system failed to help her seek the proper shelter and comfort necessary for someone to thrive as a human being.

The incarceration of Bresha Meadows is not only unconstitutional, but it is a direct contradiction to what the “justice” system is supposed to be protecting. Bresha Meadows should be seen as a hero for defending both herself and her family against someone who would likely take their lives away, and now you are placing her in the same situation she was trying so desperately to escape. Diminishing her freedom and taking away her right to live a happy, comfortable life is the opposite of what should be happening. Bresha should be comforted and welcomed home with open arms, as she has been through unimaginable pain. Instead, you are only adding to her pain each and every day she remains incarcerated and charged for an action she took to protect her own life. Self-defense is not a crime. Any logical human being would take any measures necessary to defend their life against someone who is constantly threatening them, and I’m sure you would too. It’s simply common sense and human instinct.

A prison is no place for anyone who has only defended themselves and protected their family from death, let alone a fifteen-year-old girl who was given no other choice. She is of no harm to herself or others. I am truly disappointed in the “justice” system, and I can only hope that someone will open their eyes and see the pure cruelty that is taking place in this trial.

Bresha Meadows might have defended herself and escaped death by the hands of her own father, but the abuse she faced at home is no different than the abuse she is receiving from the so-called “justice” system. I see no justice in the incarceration of Bresha Meadows. Action must be taken to rectify this situation, because we will not stop until the day Bresha Meadows is given the freedom she deserves to finally live a life that isn’t filled with abuse.

Morgan McCann
Atlanta, GA


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