Open Letter to the Prosecutors #29

Dear Dennis Watkins,

As a human being (not as a prosecutor) as a human being, are you really willing and considering charging (at the time) a 14 year old with murder? considering the abuse has been documented? It was real it was not a figment of her imagination. She lived in fear, can you imagine watching your father continually beat your mother without mercy? can you imagine going to bed every night and waking up every morning in terror. The system failed her. Her running away was cries for help, cries for someone to notice her pain! But no one came to her rescue.

She is not a cold blooded killer! What she did, did not come from a place of pure evil? She is not a danger to society. It angers me that she has even been sitting in prison this long. She is a scared child. She just wants her mom. She just wants to go home. One day you may need someone to show you mercy or someone in your family mercy. In order to obtain mercy one must show mercy.

I am totally aware that the law requires punishment for those who commit such crimes but you and I both know internally she does not deserve to be tried as an adult neither does she deserve life in prison. Please give her leniency and try her as a child.

Bresha Meadows myself and my church is praying for you. Talk to GOD he’s always listening.

Thank you,

Sharday Eutsey
Trenton, NJ


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