Open Letter to the Prosecutors #28

Prosecutor Dennis Watkins
Trumbull County Administration Building, 4th Floor
160 High Street, NW
Warren, Ohio, 44481

Dear Mr. Watkins;

I am writing to you regarding Bresha Meadows. Your office’s decision to detain and prosecute Bresha is morally reprehensible and a miscarriage of justice. You are abusing your power. You are directly responsible for endangering Bresha’s young life. I join thousands of people across the country in demanding that you drop the charges against Bresha Meadows.

Bresha is a young woman who endured years of abuse. Incarcerating Bresha is hurting and traumatizing her. Prosecuting and punishing Bresha serves absolutely no public good. No one is safer with Bresha in a cage. In fact, Bresha is a beloved daughter, sister, neighbor, and community member. She is wanted and needed at home. She is cherished and loved.

Trumbull County has repeatedly failed Bresha and her family. Bresha tried to run away; she tried to report what was happening in her home but couldn’t because law enforcement officers questioned her in front of her abusive father. Bresha did the absolute best she could to survive when no one stepped in to support her. Instead, you are punishing her for surviving.

Your office is propagating the racist, sexist practice of criminalizing survivors, particularly Black women, for defending themselves against domestic violence and sexual abuse. By punishing Bresha, you are sending the message that young Black women aren’t worthy of safety and well-being. This prosecution isn’t serving justice; it is state violence. You must drop the charges against Bresha Meadows.

Bresha deserves to be free – free from abuse, free from the cage you’ve put her in, and free to be a kid.

Free Bresha.

Mallory Hanora
Dorchester, Massachusetts


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