Letter to the Prosecutors #27

I am writing this letter to urge prosecutor Dennis Watkins to drop all charges against Bresha Meadows. I have been avidly following this case and it has been heartbreaking to watch the situation with this child unfold. Bresha has already had enough of her childhood taken away due to the violence she suffered. She should not turn 15 in a cage, away from all her loved ones, for defending her family against domestic violence.
Bresha has had to experience more than anyone should, let alone a child. As a survivor of domestic violence myself, I empathize with her and her family for what they went through. I was fortunate to have access and resources to flee my abuser – not everyone is so lucky, and certainly not children. I believe with my whole heart that Bresha did the best she could to stay alive, and I do not want to live in a world that demonizes and punishes Black women and girls who survive domestic violence.
You have the power to allow this child to heal and this family to move on. Please do not sit idly by. Imagine if she was your niece, your daughter. Imagine what she’s been through and being in her shoes. Please end this now.
I stand with you, Bresha.
Katy Otto

One thought on “Letter to the Prosecutors #27

  1. I am reading this story in the UK and my heart is breaking for this child – I have a 15yr old teenage daughter and Bresha reminds me of her friends. I will be following Bresha’s story and send her supporters and campaigners my sincere hope that there is a happy outcome. I cannot sign the petition as a non-US resident but have tweeted links so that my contacts in the US can support her.


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