Open Letter to the Prosecutors #25

Dear Dennis Watkins,

I’m writing to you to join advocates across the world in their support of Bresha Meadows. We demand that all charges against Bresha be dropped immediately. The implications of further criminalizing and punishing Bresha Meadows are ones that will continue to erase a childhood which has already been shortened due to the constant abusive environment that she was a part of. Bresha is a child. One who has been forced to celebrate her 15th birthday in a cage without her family.

Nothing can be accomplished by further criminalizing a child who needs to heal, not repent, for saving herself and her family. I urge you to be proactive and be a part of a healing process which will only begin once Bresha is released to her family. We let down our black women and girls when we ignore the realities of domestic violence and the impact that criminalizing them has. We let down our girls when we criminalize them for defending themselves, a reality which they should not have to deal with in youth especially. And, we especially let them down, when we let the insidious forces of incarceration consume them without a cry for justice.

Bresha’s story is not one which should be painted with the aggressor brush. She is an inspiration. A hero who we must not leave behind. A hero who already has experience trauma that no human should have to endure, let alone a child. I urge you once more to understand the profound impact releasing Bresha can have.

I believe in you Bresha.

Amanuel Teferi
Ontario, Canada


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