Open Letter to the Prosecutors #16

CW Domestic Violence

Dear Dennis Watkins and Stanley Elkins,

My name is Melinda Graham and I am writing you out of concern for the case of Bresha Meadows. This story is very personal and relatable to me. I am a survivor of Domestic Violence.

I was with my ex-husband from the age of 15 years old until 30 off and on. I have three children with him that were raised in the unhealthy environment that Bresha and many other children that are born into and raised in Domestic Abuse families. The turmoil, uncertainty, triggers, fears, abuse that many children experience causes them to react out of defenses in the heat of the moment.

Many nights I would pray and cry that I could get out of my situation without causing any harm to my children and myself. I feared that my ex-husband would lash out to me or my son (whom bore a lot of his wrath also) and he would react the same way that Bresha did. Or even my daughters would lash out at him and harm him because of the trauma they were experiencing from being in the home.

You never know what will make them react or respond in the heat of the moment. Just like abusers who are unpredictable, so are the victims. I am requesting that you drop ALL CHARGES and RELEASE Bresha to her family. She deserves to be at home with her family and in counseling for help with the trauma that she underwent. Being incarcerated is continuing the cycle of trauma that she does not deserve.

Please release her and allow her to continue to grow and become a woman of strength that she is already at now.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Melinda R. Graham


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