Open Letter to Bresha Meadows

Dear Bresha,

Love and light to you young queen. I am sorry to hear the system has failed you. I pray that God give you the grace, strength, and hope to fight on. You are deserving and worth it.

I too am a survivor of domestic violence and am behind prison walls. It’s sad that so many survivors are still in this day and age treated this way for defending ourselves.

Behind the walls we do educational presentations about domestic violence. In October we will be doing another. It will have a skit to the song “I Rise Up” by Andra Day. We will be dancing during the skit in your honor. So please know you have support. I am also mixed-race and far too many of us statistically are incarcerated.

Keep your head held high and know that you can do this. Women all over believe in you. Do not let the system take your joy. You are loved.

Lynn Noyes
(Central California Women’s Facility)


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