Open Letter to the Prosecutors #3

Dear Mr Watkins and Mr Elkins,

I am writing today to ask that you free Bresha Meadows. First and foremost she is a child who has suffered years of domestic abuse and these two things are reason enough to release her. she is a victim and needs support and care not incarceration.

Incarcerating youth leads to higher rates of recidivism. Incarcerating youth makes mental health issues worse. Detention centers lead to higher rates of depression, suicidal thoughts and self harm. Detention centers limit educational and future career opportunities. It is hard to imagine why we would want to put any youth in facilities like these, where the course of their lives are forever altered and their futures put at risk. It is unfathomable to think of putting a child who has suffered through years of abuse and acted in defense of herself and her family in one.

Bresha is a victim. She acted in self defense. She is a child. She should be immediately freed and allowed to heal and seek care with her family.

Katie Muller
Oak Ridge, NC


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