On the Caging of Bresha Meadows: What Does Justice Look Like?

by Kelly Hayes @ Truthout, excerpt below:

Everyone who has carried a sign or shared a link declaring Black Lives Matter: This is a life you can help save. Bresha is still with us. She is at a tragic, statistical disadvantage as a young Black girl, thrust into the criminal punishment system for a defensive act. She has been charged with murder, but she could still grow up free from the violence of her past and live a self-determined life. But this system is at odds with that outcome and if we want a different one, we are going to have to rally around her. And if we want accountability, we are going to have to hold ourselves and the system accountable for all that it didn’t do for Bresha, and all that it won’t do for abused young people everywhere who won’t pick up a gun but are in need of a reckoning.

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