Girl Who Killed Dad to Save Mom Lays Bare Injustice of US Prison System

While Bresha Meadow’s case is not the first of its kind, her age and the situation she found herself in are bringing together prison abolitionists and domestic violence activists.
As the girl who killed her allegedly abusive father turns 15 behind bars on Thursday, her case has brought critiques of domestic abuse and self-defense to the fore.
While the story of a woman of color defending her life is not the first to galvanize community support, Bresha Meadows’s case is “so extreme in the injustice that’s embedded in it,” said prison abolitionist Kelly Hayes to teleSUR, that media and prosecutors are “examining these situations not in a stereotypical way, not seeing abused people as mugshots but as people we know” that are embedded in communities and live real, complicated lives.

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